Baby Names - The Rise of Daphne, Simon, Anthony and Penelope.

This year I decided to do dry January and there was one thing that made it go really quickly and that thing was "Bridgerton".

Instead of a glass of red, I wiled away my evenings glass of Lilt in hand and tried to ration how many episodes I watched in an evening so it lasted longer.

"Bridgerton" is based on the novels of Julia Quinn, produced by Shonda Rimes and stars Rege-Jean Page, Phoebe Dynevor, Jonathan Bailey, Nicola Coughlan, Adjoa Andoh and Julie Andrews and is on Netflix.

With over 82 million households tuning in to watch it, it's probably unsurprising that it's expected that there'll be a whole host of babies born this year that are named after characters in the show.

It's expected there'll be plenty of baby Simons, Daphnes, Anthonys, Penelopes and Eloises born this year, with those names topping the lists of the most popular names of 2021.

Personally I hope there's also a lot of baby Tom's this year, named after Captain Sir Tom Moore.

So, I'd like to know are you named after a character in a film or a TV show, or maybe you were named after a historical character or a family friends.

My parents named me after the John Wayne film "The Sons of Katie Elder" and I picked my sister's name. My parents told me I could choose and for a while I wanted to name her after my favourite things, which as a 3 year old were Bjorn Borg and Sooty (I mean who seriously asks a 3 year old to name a baby?) In the end though just as my Mum was leaving for the hospital, I shouted after her, "if it's a girl can we call her Lucy?" much to my parents relief!

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