Choosing Music for your Loved Ones Funeral.

I have always been a huge fan of music and growing up, we were the family that had the radio on more than the TV. My parents had eclectic music tastes so I grew up listening to them play everything from Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald to the Rolling Stones and the Troggs and everything in-between!

Even now, if I put my music onto shuffle, anything could come up from Eminem to Bros to ACDC and Dean Martin.... it's a rollercoaster being in the car with me and listening to music.

Music is an incredibly emotive thing and it can evoke so many memories and feelings, it can make you happy, sad, it can take you back to a certain event or it can be the boost you need when you've got to do something that frightens you.

Since I've been doing this job, one of the questions I think I've been asked more than anything is,

"Do you think this song is appropriate?"

My reply is always this...

"If it's a song that means something to your loved one or is something that's important to your family then it's appropriate."

I speak from experience on this, ever since I can remember my Dad would always joke that when his time came, he wanted us to play Max Bygraves "I'm a Pink Toothbrush, You're a Blue Toothbrush", because he wanted to make people laugh and because my Dad didn't like to conform! So, when the time came, that's exactly what we did!

Would you find this Max Bygraves "classic" on a list of appropriate funeral songs? Of course not! Was it appropriate for my Dad and our family? Absolutely! It was a longstanding family joke and the best way of honouring my Dad was to play that song.

So, please don't get caught up in thinking about whether others will think a song is appropriate, instead choose pieces of music that best honour your loved one.

If it's a song that will always make you think of them, then that's a song you should choose.

I'd love to know about the music you've chosen for a loved one and why?

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