Fashionable Baby Names

I always think you can have a rough guess at when someone was born by their name, so there's (probably) a wealth of fifty-something years olds named after the 1966 World Cup winning squad, a few people in their mid-thirties called Kylie, Jason, Scott and Charlene and I'm willing to bet that "Bridgerton" is responsible for the names of a few lockdown babies.

But, apparently names go in a hundred year cycle, which means that there are some awesome retro ones about to make a comeback. Find My Past has conducted some research and they reckon these names are the top 10 boys and girls names about to have a surge in popularity.

Top 10 Girls Names

  1. Joan

  2. Mary

  3. Margaret

  4. Dorothy

  5. Gladys

  6. Irene

  7. Iris

  8. Elsie

  9. Ada

  10. Mabel

Top 10 Boys Names

  1. Ronald

  2. Arthur

  3. Robert

  4. Albert

  5. Freddie

  6. Edward

  7. Archie

  8. Ernest

  9. Isaac

  10. Harris

Any favourites on there for you?

My Grandma's names are both on the list, meet my Mabel and Dorothy!

If you're planning on having a naming ceremony for your baby or child, then please contact me as this is something I do. You can contact me via my website or e-mail

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