How to Plan a Valentines Day Wedding.

Valentines Day is one of the most romantic days of the year, it's incredibly popular when it comes to proposals and weddings. If you've decided that February 14th is the day you're going to say "I Do", then here's my tips to planning the perfect Valentins Day wedding.

1) Prepare to plan.

  • As Valentines day is such a popular day to get married, particularly if it falls at the weekend, then you'll need to plan a couple of years in advance.

  • Giving yourself two years to prepare will increase your options and means that hopefully you can have exactly what you want - whether you want to get married in the UK or you're planning a destination wedding.

  • Venues, officials, photographers, cars, caterers, florists all get really booked up around Valentines Day, so the more notice and planning you do, the better.

  • You never quite know what you're going to get with the great British weather, so there's every chance that on the 14th February it could be snowing, it could be raining or blowing a gale or all of the above! So take this into account when choosing your venue, make sure there are plenty of inside cosy spaces for your guests.

2) Decide on your budget.

  • This isn't necessarily Valentines day wedding specific, but it's worth mentioning as it can help with expectations.

  • make sure you are clear on what your budget for the wedding is and who's going to be paying for what. Will it all be down to you and your partner? Will your parents be making a contribution?

  • Knowing what your budget is will help with your decision making.

3) Save the date.

  • Once you've secured the venue and planned some other key details then send out some save the date cards, this will make sure that your family and friends don't plan their own Valentines day activities.

  • If you have certain people who you want to be a part of your bridal party then make sure they're aware of this too.

4) The theme.

  • Decide whether you are fully going to embrace the theme of Valentines Day or is it just that you want to hold your wedding on that day?

  • If you're going for a full on Valentines theme, then you can incorporate this in your colour scheme - reds, pinks, purples, these can be used in clothing, room decor and flowers.

  • Flowers wise, nothing says romance like red roses, or if you want to soften the look, you could choose pink roses mixed in with white ones. You could even consider having a heart shaped bouquet.

  • You could give your guests heart shaped favours - maybe chocolates or pink and red jelly beans in a heart shaped box.

5) Mood lighting

  • The lighting in your chosen venue is really important, when you first visit your chosen venue check with them what lighting they have in the room and whether it will add to the ambiance of your day.

6) Food and drink

  • You could design a signature cocktail for your wedding, which you could serve guests on arrival or maybe a glass of pink champagne or rose wine.

  • Even just adding a red garnish to a drink (strawberries / raspberries) can give a drink a romantic flare.

  • With the wedding breakfast you could go for a heart shaped dessert and have heart-shaped chocolates or packets of love hearts scattered around.

7) Music

  • Your first dance song will probably be a love song, but one idea to keep the mood romantic is to ask your guests what their first dance song was, or their favourite love song. You can do this either by sending something out with your invitations or on the day.

If you are planning a Valentines day wedding and you'd like to chat to me about my availability, then you can contact me either via my website or e-mail

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