Making Memories

A few weeks ago, I did a funeral for a lady and her family told me that one of the things this lady did was buy her grandchildren "memories". So for birthdays and Christmases, instead of a material gift, she would organise a day trip somewhere.

This really stuck with me as one of the nicest things I'd ever heard and I realised that (without actually realising it) my family have always done something similar.

My Mum would buy the four of us theatre tickets as a Christmas present and then we'd head off to London to see a show together. Afterwards we'd buy snacks and wine and sit in our hotel room for "suppertime bit" where we'd talk about the show we'd just seen, who we liked the best, what songs we'd like and plan for the next trip, we'd then play the soundtrack all the way home.

After Mum died, Dad decided that it was a ridiculous that as an extended family we only got together at funerals and said stuff like "we really should make more of an effort", so Dad introduced a yearly family party, and because it was my Dad organising it, it would be totally over the top. A hog roast, an Abba tribute band, an Elvis impersonator... you get the picture.

Lucy and I carried on this tradition, although COVID temporarily halted the partying, we've tentatively made a Pinterest board to start planning the next one and organised a halfway point we can all meet up for a meal early next year.

Also, for Christmas, I've bought Lucy a couple of "memories", stuff I know we will enjoy and talk about for years to come.

So, this year when you're planning your Christmas shopping or its someone's birthday, why not buy them a memory? Doesn't have to be a fancy day trip, just something you'll enjoy doing.

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