Mini Ceremonies - A Sand Ceremony.

One of the best things about being a wedding celebrant and working with couples to help plan their perfect ceremony is that there are so many different options to help make it as unique as their love story.

One of my personal favourites is to include a Sand Ceremony, not only because I love the seaside, but I love what a sand ceremony represents.

A sand ceremony is a symbolic way of showing the mixing of two families and is perfect not only for a couple, but is also a lovely way of including children in the ceremony.

A sand ceremony is really simple, each person involved has a pot of their own sand and then they pour it into a bigger vase.

Some couples like to use different coloured sand for each person, this is really effective, particularly when each person takes it in turns to put, so it has a layered effect, it really shows how the families are mixing.

Other couples like to use sand from somewhere that has a significance to them - a place they went on their first holiday together, where the proposal took place, where they grew up.

Some couples choose to say a few words as they do it, others prefer for me to say a few words.

Once the sand is combined, it is a lovely keepsake as a reminder of your big day.

If you'd like to know more or speak to me about your wedding ceremony, then feel free to e-mail me or use the contact form on my website.

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