The Radio Celebrant

I guess it's very rare in life that two of your passions collide. Well on the 24th October 2021, mine did!

I have worked in radio, as a presenter, journalist and programme manager since 1999 and it's something that runs through my veins. For the last year, I've combined that with being a Celebrant (a job I also love) and on the 24th October I got to conduct a vow renewal LIVE on Mansfield 103.2!

I'll be honest, it messed with my mind slightly having to think how to combine conducting a ceremony with presenting a radio show, but it was a challenge I absolutely relished and I've got to give a huge shout out to my radio colleagues of Ian Watkins and Aaron Outram who made sure I didn't have to worry about the technical side and that everything went smoothly.

The day itself was amazing! There were 15 bridesmaids, one handsome Pageboy and three "dainty" flowergirls (for dainty read three 6 foot plus bearded men in rainbow coloured tutus throwing confetti!)

Plus there was music from the amazing Max Restaino a local lad made good – he supported Peter Andre on his last Tour and Gail Short who sang a beautiful version of "The Rose"

Tony and Yvette didn't want gifts, instead they wanted to use it to raise money for three local charities, the Carer’s Trust, the 4th Mansfield Woodhouse Scouts and Mansfield 103.2’s Kingsmill Hospital’s Toy Appeal. In total, they raised £1252, which means each charity will receive £417.33 each.

It was a real honour to be a part of this amazing day and also help Mansfield 103.2 do something brand new!

You can listen again here and if you'd like to make a donation then please visit the Go Fund Me page.

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