The Things We Do to Remember Our Loved Ones.

Every year my Mum would always buy me and my sister the very first daffodils she saw in the shop. To her they were the flowers that symbolised spring, Easter and the world starting to feel fresh and bright again.

After she died, it was something we continued to do, whether it's my sister or me that spots the first ones we always buy them, although nowadays because it's something I've spoken about a lot, if one of my friends sees them first they'll rock up at the front door with a bunch. I also get messages every year from friends who have bought themselves the first bunch of daffodils they see in honour of my Mum. It might seem like a little thing, but to me its huge and it's just one of the things that I do that keeps my Mum's memory alive.

This years daffodils

There are many ways you can remember your loved one, and it might be you do little things every day without realising it. I always check the Nottingham Forest score because my Mum was a lifelong fan, I'll always wear my Dad's watch when I feel like I have something important to do. Little things, but they help me.

Then of course there's anniversaries and birthdays and on those days me and my sister will try and do something that we've planned in their honour (although myself sister draws the line at coming to the football with me!) We try and make it something that we'd have enjoyed doing as a family and we try and make it a celebration of some sort.

Last year to mark the 10th anniversary of my Mum's death, we went away for the weekend to Bournemouth, it was a place we'd enjoyed many family holidays when we were little and we hadn't been for years. It was a really lovely trip and we laughed and shared many happy memories.

We've also done things like go to my Dad's favourite restaurant, or toast him with a good bottle of red and there's always the family favourite meal of fish and chips washed down with Chablis - my Mum's favourite.

Sometimes, we'll visit the places where we scattered their ashes, or light a candle.

Anniversaries can be really tough, but in my experience, it's best to acknowledge them and feel what you need to feel. There's many things you can do to remember your loved one, even if it's sharing your favourite stories.

I'd love to know what you do to remember your loved ones.

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