What is a Baby Naming Ceremony?

A Naming Ceremony is a beautiful way of welcoming your child to the family, this could be a newborn baby, or an adopted child, or it could even be that you've recently become a blended family and you want to celebrate the union of two families.

I work with families to ensure that their ceremony is totally unique to them and celebrates them as a family. It's a chance to tell your child's story to the rest of the family, celebrate them as an individual, share your hopes and dreams for them, or if their older, let them share their own hopes and dreams.

The service can include music, readings and poetry, but you can also include a symbolic element if you want, such as a tree planting, a sand ceremony or a candle lighting. You could even have friends and family members contribute an item to help create a memory box.

Normally during a Naming Ceremony, you would appoint "Guide Parents" who will make a promise to your child during the ceremony, these can again be totally unique and personal.

A Naming Ceremony, would normally work like this;

  • Introductions and welcomes.

  • A reading / poem / song.

  • A story about your child, this can be about them as a person, their quirks, their personality, all the elements that make them, them!

  • A message about the role and responsibilities of parenting.

  • Your promises to your child.

  • Another reading / poem / song, this can be done by a family member or friend.

  • Appointment of Guide Parents and their promises to your child.

  • The significance and meaning behind your child’s name.

  • The naming itself.

  • Concluding words.

A Naming Ceremony is not a legal ceremony, and shouldn't be confused with registering a birth, they are a huge celebration of love and because there's no legal element you can hold one anywhere (within reason obviously!)

If you are planning a Naming Ceremony, then I've put together a free checklist that you download, it's available here.

If you'd like to talk to me about a Naming Ceremony for your child, then please contact me, by giving me a ring on 07977038578 or use the contact me form.

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