Why Did I Want to Be an Independent Funeral Celebrant?

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Ten years ago my Mum passed away, her death was sudden and unexpected and me, my Dad and my sister were devastated.

As we limped from one day to the next, we were totally unprepared to put together her funeral. As a family it was something we'd never discussed, believing that we would have years left before we had to start thinking about anything like that.

My Mum wasn't particularly religious and so the funeral director suggested we use a celebrant, which we did, even though, we didn't really know what one did!

It turned out to be the best thing we could have done, the lady we chose was absolutely brilliant and really helped us think about how we wanted to celebrate my Mum's life, as well as paying tribute to her. We decided that my Mum would want to include the Lord's Prayer and so we did. A Funeral Celebrant can include some religions aspects if you want, whether it's a hymn or a prayer or both.

The celebrant's advice was brilliant and we all gained a huge amount of comfort from the service that she delivered.

Me (left) My Mum & sister Lucy (right)

Three years ago, my Dad passed away following a short battle with cancer and we knew that we wanted the same celebrant to conduct his service. My Dad had talked a little about his funeral and some of the things he said he wanted were long standing family jokes and others were very specific instructions.

My Dad had been very clear - no religion, he also wanted everyone in bright colours and above all he wanted a celebration.

Again the celebrant was absolutely brilliant and I think we achieved his wishes, whilst also paying the best tribute to my Dad and saying our goodbyes.

Me, Dad and Lucy

I've thought about doing this for a few years, I wanted to be able to help people in the same way that my sister and I had been helped. A few weeks ago, I finally felt the time was right to do my training and I am now fully qualified.

So, if I can help you say goodbye to your loved ones in fitting and professional way, carrying out the service in accordance with yours and your loved ones wishes, then please get in touch.

I can help you celebrate your loved one’s life and everything they meant to you and those around them.

Working with you, I will craft the service, writing the eulogy and guiding you in terms of poetry and readings and if you would like a religious element to your service, than I can also do that.

On the day itself, I will conduct the whole service and make sure the day runs smoothly.

If I can help, then please feel free to contact me, either via my website or e-mail katiethecelebrant@gmail.com

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